Sliding Rotavator (hydraulic and mechanical)

روتیواتور کشویی (هیدرولیک و مکانیکی)

Product Group : Rotavator

علف زن روتیواتور شخم زن تراکتوری روتور برزگر تولیدی کشاورزی

روتیواتور کشویی (هیدرولیک و مکانیکی)

Product Review

This machine is used as primary and secondary tillage in agricultural and garden lands and is also a suitable machine for mechanical weed control in all orchards. Prominent features of the sliding offset retainer are tillage and weed control, as well as use in stacked orchards. • The gear transmission system is from gearbox to chain and from chain to gear and then to the rotor axis. • Suitable for tillage in agricultural lands, gardens and vineyards • Mixing plant residues with soil and increasing soil organic matter • Reduce the cost of weed control and tillage • The power transmission mechanism in this device is chained from the gearbox to the blade axis • Create high working depth compared to similar devices • Has a strong and durable knob against blade blows • The device is guided both mechanically and hydraulically and has the ability to install sensors • The possibility of offsetting the machine for tillage up to a minimum distance from the trunks of trees • Ability to install mounted (three-point connection) to a variety of light agricultural and garden tractors Most similar devices are lubricated with grease from the right to the blade, but this is a Vascazini device. • Use of hydraulic system to change the width of the device in transport mode And in the fixed type, it can be used as a secondary tillage (disk) for crushing lumps, which creates a suitable efficiency due to the large working width. In the retort sensor model, the offset of the device is done automatically by means of an independent hydraulic system installed on the device. The device is able to receive a withdrawal command as soon as the sensor hits a tree or any obstacle, so that it is far enough away from it to avoid damaging the tree trunk or the machine itself.

Technical Info

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