Hydraulic Sliding Rotavators (suitable for gardens and farms)

روتیواتورهای کشویی باغی و زراعی (هیدرولیک)

Product Group : Rotavator

علف زن وتیواتور م زن اکتوری وتور رزگر لیدی شاورزی وسعه درن

کاربرد دستگاه : از این دستگاه می توان به عنوان خاک ورز اولیه در باغات ، گلخانه ها و صیفی جات برای از بین بردن علف های هرز به کار می رود.

Product Review

Advantages of device 1) Equipped with hydraulic jack for offset (pulling) 2) Equipped with a spring-loaded rear door to level the ground (trowel) in heavy rotavators the rear door system is hydraulic 3) It has 12 millimeters plates to prevent wear excessive pressure on blades 4) It has gears with 30 35-mm width to increase strength of the device 5) Equipped with an integrated axle shaft with a diameter of 90- 120mm and high alloy steel. 6) Using two rows of ball bearings on both sides of the machine for flexibility against flange blows. 7) Equipped with vascazen side hubs, eliminates lubrication operations 8) Equipped with cardan shaft with clutch system 9) Ability to crush the clods for secondary tillage due to the weight of the machine 10)Equipped with three movable connection points consisting of pipes and box 11) The unique feature of the machine is having a fixed gearbox to prevent high depreciation 12) Unique flange design with blades 5 cm apart to prevent any tillage vacuum

Technical Info

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