Turbine field sprayer (dump and traction)

سمپاش زراعی توربینی (کمپرسی و کششی)

Product Group : Agricultural sprayer

سمپاش سمپاش زراعت توربینی فن دار برزگر تولیدی بازرگانی کشاورزی

سوارشونده و یا کمپرسی(اتصال سه نقطه) 2000و 1000 لیتری كششي و یا چرخدار (اتصال يك نقطه)600 و 800 و1000 لیتری

Product Review

Recognition and application: This sprayer is widely used to combat various pests and diseases in all fields of trees, including palms, as well as large-scale spraying sites to combat pests such as wheat, locusts, etc. Advantages: * Uniformity of foliar application due to uniformity of diameter of soluble particles and elimination of human error in foliar application * 50% reduction in solution consumption compared to lance sprays and no spillage of the solution on the ground * Protect the environment *Reduce the cost of spraying by reducing labor Features of the sprayer: 3-piece polyethylene tank including: a) Main tank b) Hand wash tank c) Circuit wash tank Equipped with pressure filter to prevent clogging of the nozzles Equipped with suction tank filling (no mixing with water sources) Equipped with two-speed gearbox to increase the efficiency of the sprayer when working with different tractors for optimal fuel consumption Equipped with anti-drip nozzles (environmental protection) Equipped with a hydraulic stirrer for uniformity of the poison solution during spraying Equipped with a special clutch system to increase the power from minimum to maximum to prevent damage to the pump and gearbox Types of sprayers: 1- Rider or dump (three-point connection) 2000 - 1000 liters 2- Traction or wheeled (connecting one point) 600-800-1000 liters

Technical Info

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