Lance sprayer

سمپاش لانس دار

Product Group : Garden sprayer

سمپاشی با شیلنگ سمپاشی با لانس سمپاشی باغات سمپاش برای شستشو

سمپاش لانس دار .نازل.کشاورزی.سمپاش.برزگر.تولیدی.بازرگانی.لانس .شیلنگ.

Product Review

Recognition and application: This sprayer is used to fight pests and diseases in all horticultural and agricultural products, as well as washing and disinfecting livestock and poultry units. Features of lance sprayer: • 3-piece polyethylene tank including: a) Main tank b) Hand wash tank c) Circuit wash tank (optional) • Hydraulic stirrer • Equipped with suction filler (no environmental pollution) • Assemble the hose • Adjustable harness and axle (inverter) that makes it possible to connect the sprayer to all types of tractors • Equipped with wheeled jack for easy height adjustment when connecting to the tractor and moving Types of lance sprayers: 1- Rider (three-point connection) in capacities of 200-400-600-800 liters 2- Tensile (connection of one point) in capacities of 1000-2000 liters

Technical Info

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