Automatic Lance Sprayer

لانس اتوماتیک دوطرفه پروانه ای

Product Group : Garden sprayer

سمپاش غی تان اعی رعه پاش حرفه ای توماتیک اورزی زگر لیدی زرگانی فه ای سعه رن ی

کاربرد دستگاه : قابلیت نصب در تمـامی سمپـاش ها به صورت دو کاره درباغستان ها و مزارع مورد استفاده قرار میگیرد و نحوه اتصال به سمپاش توسط بست و یک عدد لوله میباشد.

Product Review

Advantages of device 1) Ability to install on all old and new sprayers 2) Can be used with all pumps with a flow volume of 35 bar and above 3 ) Adjustable spray angle for short and tall trees 4) Ability to increase the number of nozzles up to 8 pcs 5) Ability to spray evenly and without error and crosswise 6) Reduce toxin consumption by 50% compared to lance sprayers and prevent toxins from falling to the ground and protecting the environment 7) Increase the speed of spraying operations and reduce manpower costs 8) Has a two-speed gearbox to adjust the speed of the tractor 9) Provide the required power from the tractor itself 10) Easy transportation 11) Having a low price due to the performance of the device has been a prominent feature of this device

Technical Info

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