Crops & Garden Turbine Sprayers(Turbo liner)

سمپاش توربولاینرباغی و زراعی

Product Group : Agricultural sprayer

سمپاش راعت وربینی فن دار رزگر ولیدی ازرگانی شاورزی توسعه مدرن توربولاینر باغی

کاربرد دستگاه : این سمپاش جهت مبارزه با انواع آفات و بیماریها در کلیه مزارع و درختان مرتفع و نیز محلول پاشی در سطح وسیع و ضدعفونی معابر کاربرد فراوان دارد .

Product Review

Advantages of device 1) Uniformity of spraying operation due to uniformity of diameter of poison particles and elimination of human error in spraying 2) Reduce toxin consumption by 50% compared to lance sprayers and prevent toxins from falling to the ground and protecting the environment 3) Increase the speed of spraying operations up to 7 times and reduce manpower costs 4) Adjusting the amount of spray as needed 5) How to connect the sprayer * Mountable (compression) in capacities of 400, 600, 800 liters * Carriable (wheeled) in capacities of 1000, 2000, 3000 liters 6) The fan is designed to completely cover the spray band in such a way that in addition to the main fan tube, the nozzle is also installed next to the fan 7) Ability to rotate the central body of the fan for use in farms and for tall trees 8 Polyethylene tank (resistant to direct sunlight and chemicals, all kinds of toxins) - 3 pieces including: a) Main tank b) Hand wash tank c) Circuit wash tank 9) Equipped with suction tank (no connection of poison tank with water sources) 10) Equipped with double and brass anti-drip nozzles to prevent wasting toxins 11) Using 90 bar hoses to increase strength and durability 12) Equipped with hydraulic stirrer to uniformly dissolve the toxin solution during spraying and prevent toxins from settling 13) To increase maneuverability and reduce depreciation, articulated steering is used to transfer power from pto to the pump 14) Equipped to the grid installed in the entrance door with a stirrer to dissolve powder toxins 15) Equipped with a plastic strainer to separate large particles in the water, as well as a silicone brass strainer to separate medium waste particles and a valved brass strainer at the end of the sprayer to collect sands and prevent the nozzles from clogging 16) Equipped with 10 ton steel drawbar to increase the strength of chassis 17) Equipped with wide rims and tires to facilitate work in sloping and hollow areas 18) Axel adjustability (width and height) and Drawbar (length) in carriable sprayers 19) Has a rectangular chassis with 4 mm industrial rod 20) Wheel axle reinforced with 8 mm straps 21) Having 2-door tank for the simultaneous entry of water and poison 22) Increasing work speed and high efficiency (working width 35 to 50 meters) 23) Centrifugal fan with hose pipe with hydraulic motor with horizontal rotation ability and a hydraulic jack with vertical rotation ability. Meanwhile with two-speed gearbox with central clutch to increase the performance of the device and increase the life of the fan and gearbox

Technical Info

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